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Re: Do I have a T-Square or a Grand Cross?

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would you say that I have Grand Cross in my Chart although Venus is not directly connected to Saturn and Mars? Or would you intepret it as what it is by the drawn chart, a T-Square?

Would be interesting to know.

I have a lot of tension and obstacles in my life. I want to learn how to overcome these. I feel as if I am not living to my full potential.


When three or more planets are connected to each other
by aspect, they form a pattern with a meaning of its own.


Two planets in opposition

are both in square to a third planet.
This brings tension and sharp, pressing problems
the result of which may be great energy
and consequently a better than average
chance of success throughout life.

When interpreting a T' Square
all the factors involved
- planets, signs and houses
- must be taken separately
and then built up into a picture of the choices
difficulties and solutions which each planet suggests.

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