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Re: Will I win the criminal case

Originally Posted by margincall View Post

Can someone please help access the question?
Will I win the criminal case
Dear Hi,
if I understand your question the chart concerns a litigation.
We have you as Mars
and your enemy Venus.
Mars (you) is here peregrine in the 10th house and showing us exactly what you describe to us. You in the lost (wandering) focus on issues of law and authority (Saturn) that are related to your Social Image (10th).

Your opponent is Venus. If you see this Venus under the dominion of this Mars (you) and in fact its detriment, in a mute sign and subterranean and hidden sign.
This tells us that your ex has some phobias that concern you, considers you a serious opponent and fears you (under Mars domination), moves underground and secrets (scorpion) and you clearly do not know his movements (mute sign) and of course not he is able to do many things (detriment).

On the other hand, I see the Moon. The end of the case and the end result.
The Moon is currently in the last degrees (the circle is completed) and will soon change the sign. Where it will be found will be in the exaltation of Mars (you) and under the rule of Saturn (judges).

The fact that Saturn (judges) is on the exaltation of Mars is a very positive element as well as when the Moon's position changes.
Another positive feature of the map is the MC that will be found directly on Mars (you). The midwife is governor of Saturn and Saturn here is in the exaltation of Mars.

Also Venus here do not like the Moon (the result the final decision.
Everything is in your favor.
I think the case will go well and the results will be positive.

but this Venus will not easily put down the weapons. She will come back again (but with secret move). She will be back (not having another choice) and will meet Mars with a square. I would recommend you to watch this Venus very much.
I hope to read the map correctly and wish it to come true.
I wish you good luck.
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