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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by MoonSun View Post
This is a great post! I did study those things and when I did take a look back at the article you shared about beauty (link), I saw a reaction from someone who said something like: "Could we post other beautiful people who do not have these venus connections to the ascendant?" Or just the "well known" aspects of beauty. And I find that a good one. If someone here did study a chart like that, share it also in here, please ^^
In my opinion I would be on a fruitless mission to find what you are asking because beauty is linked to Venus. In the article linked there are examples of the aspects Venus makes which can lessen beauty and there also seems to be enough to have libra rising and venus conjunct Sun. It is like the sun brightens the effect.

The article from my Christian psychic shows signs of being attractive and I think there are others for example Pluto in prominent position which was not mentioned. But these are attractive traits and not beauty, beauty belongs to Venus. Pluto and Mars have enough sex appeal to not need Venus to be attractive.

I did find the website version of the article. Looks like they are the same person and this is his blog.

Here is the Sun trine Pluto thread

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