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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by obsidianmineral View Post
Your chart seems like a good one. However, would you mind to tell me the degrees of each planet and point? Fixed stars and the quality of the degrees (smoky, pitted, azimene, dark, masculine, femenine, etc.) But speaking more generally, your chart seems to be built upon accidental dignity, which is to say that circumstances carry your planets, rather than essence. It's very beneficial indeed. However, the rest of the chart has to be considered as well before judging it.
Well, unforunately for me, I did a little peering in and it seems that not only is my Sun at a pitted degree, but its ruler the moon is also at a pitted degree, but I found very conflicting messages about degrees and their natures
I'll just attach my chart sans fixed stars

What I have noticed is that my Venus despite being angular doesn't have the best aspects. Squares to both my mars and moon, quincunxes to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The latter doesn't show on the chart as it's 4 orbs, but I've determined myself I fit the profile for that aspect so I include it. The one positive aspect I do have besides the conjunct to my MC is a trine to Jupiter. I just wonder if mixed with that trine to Jupiter, all of those other conflicting aspects could possibly cause an increased state of conflict since Jupiter is so bright and positive and then in experiencing circumstances from the Venusian perspective comes a letdown. Thus of course more insecurity
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