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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by obsidianmineral View Post
I don't know if big ego is what Sun trine Pluto is about, since my own chart isn't just Sun trine Pluto and that's it. It depends on other aspects. What I know is that I try to know what true self-esteem is. Not built on irrationality or emotion. Big ego implies that it's just there because it is and that's the end of it. That's not true self-esteem. The day someone with a "big ego" fails at something big time then they're done for.
Yes I agree having a big ego is not connected to sun trine pluto but I believe those with sun trine pluto have strong souls and I see why the person who wrote the article was attracted to that. You cant buy or bottle strength and it shows in the persons personality but also physically they are visible. Its hard to describe lol but its definitely a powerful aura.
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