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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by obsidianmineral View Post
Well, from personal experience I can say that you should look at the sign of each planet. They sextile, which pretty much doesn't describe anything. What house is your Sun in?

Most people have this issue. Heck, most adults have this problem. Celebrities nowadays especially struggle with caring about other people's opinion. So, to see if self-esteem is to be developed at all you should check the condition of the Sun, 9th house and possibly 1st house. Also, check the dispositors of each one. It has come to my attention in past occurrences that the dispositor enhances or debilitates the strength of the planets it rules. The stronger the Sun is, as well as its dispositor and the ruler of the 1st and 9th, the earlier one will come to to terms with self-esteem, ego, will, etc.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna be doing this correctly, so correct me if I'm wrong...
Sun in Cancer in 11th house. Moon is in Virgo in the 1st house conjunct Mars and my AC. Mercury is also in the 11th house. 9th house is in Taurus and my Venus is in the 10th house in Gemini conjunct my MC

Since my Sun's ruler is in the 1st house, it is pretty strong, right?
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