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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
Sun trine Pluto gives a big ego,eh?
If we're going by raw aspects, in theory I should be attractive, but I really don't think I am. Though I realize this is a complex subject. I do think attractiveness is not purely physical so it's possible astrology can unlock a little glimpse
I have Sun trine Pluto myself and like said above

Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
[...] There was a more recent thread on this forum about beauty which argued that Sun trine Pluto gives beauty but I believe this was his subjective opinion and may indicate power and a strong core of personality but does not indicate physical beauty.

I do not have a particularly beautiful body, although I'm not quote on quote ugly. So I can confirm that Sun trine Pluto doesn't make you physically attractive by itself.
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