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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

I am fascinated by beauty. The best article I have seen was on a thread on this forum and I have also seen the same information from a website. I do not know if they are the same authors but they are the same article. It uses celebrity examples of those who are beautiful and those who are not and in every case where beauty was seen in the person the Venus in the chart was able to flow easily to the surface of the chart and as a result the surface of the person.

Here is the thread (I could not find the website version)

The easy flow of Venus energy is apparent in every example.

There was a more recent thread on this forum about beauty which argued that Sun trine Pluto gives beauty but I believe this was his subjective opinion and may indicate power and a strong core of personality but does not indicate physical beauty.

The easy flow of Venus equals physical beauty as can be seen from the article.

If I move from physical beauty a little and look at why other people are attractive to others without physical beauty then there are a whole lot of different planets in signs and aspects that makes someone attractive. For example, sun trine Pluto like the article above, Mars in Scorpio, Venus aspecting Mars, Neptune Saturn or Pluto.

There is an article from 'my Christian psychic' which lists other attractive traits. for example, a full 5th house, Mars in Scorpio, a prominent Ceres etc I agree fully after looking for examples from people I know.

These are examples of what makes someone attractive in general. but again for beauty, then Venus must be allowed to come to the surface.

You can make yourself more attractive by learning what suits you more and what your best angle is. When you are in a good place in your life and you have positive energy then that also make you more attractive but this is not physical beauty.

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