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Originally Posted by obsidianmineral View Post
I already stopped doing that. It's very unhealthy because caring about other's standards will sentence you to a life-long unhappiness or lack of satisfaction. I think your standards are seen through the 9th house, and what you think of other's opinion is seen through the Sun. I myself have the Sun in the 9th house so I believe it has conditioned myself to reflect upon what truly is valuable.
It's really interesting you say that given that my 9th house ruler opposes my Sun and this has been a lifelong issue of mine. I don't see it as irredeemable tho. It's something I'm aware of and working on. I think there's many aspects in my chart that can lead to insecurity. I also have mars square Venus and Venus square my AC. Virgo can be very self critical and that's where my Mars and Moon sit

Edit. They don't oppose. They actually sextile lol, my Sun and 9th house ruler

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