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Originally Posted by MoonSun View Post
I opened this topic, because I saw other topics about beauty and this is also an subject I wanted to ask and talk about in the astrological way. As you can see in my chart, I have not much going on with Venus and her connections. When I look at the charts of celebrities or my friends, I see for sure many aspects which give ''beauty'' and ''attractiveness'', also I know that everyone has another taste and different thoughts about what they found beautiful or attractive. I do not want to sound arrogant, but in my opinion, everyone has to find herself beautiful and accept herself as she is and make something of it. I know I'm not the most beautiful person, but I do feel and find myself beautiful. I'm aware of what I have and not have. Still, if I look at it in a astrological way (chart), I can't find the aspects what gives beauty and attractiveness. Only that my Leo Venus 12th house opposites my Aquarius Moon in the 6th house. I'd would be happy if you'll could see some things I don't.

And we could discuss about this by giving example of people we know or just our self.
Beauty is, unfortunately, celebrated in a supposedly a progressive society. Beauty gets you places because it people automatically like beautiful people more. However, if someone is not attractive physically, then they have to accept it. There is nothing wrong with not being beautiful. At the end of the day, what truly matters is our inner self. Our mind can make anything happen and help us achieve our goals, not our external appearance.
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