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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

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Is that not at particular degrees? Hmm
'…. Antiscia & Contra-Antiscia - Greek, literally 'opposite shadows', antiscion of a planet is its zodiac degree mirrored across the solstice points of the Cancer-Capricorn axis

(so a planet at 5 degrees Capricorn has its antiscion at 25 degrees Sagittarius)

This mirroring ties the planets into a relationship based on the fact that at both points the length of day and night will be equal. Generally, the antiscion of a planet is considered to be a favorable point......'

Lilly p.90 of Christian Astrology:

'….Antiscion signs are of the same virtue and are equally distant from the first degree of the two tropic signs, Cancer, Capricorn, and in which degrees whilst the Sun is, the days and nights are of equal length; by example it will be plain; when the Sun is in the tenth degree of Taurus, he is as far distant from the first degree of Cancer as when in the twentieth degree of Leo; therefore when the Sun is in the tenth of Taurus, he hath his Antiscion to the twentieth of Leo; that is, he giveth virtue or influence to any star or planet that at that time either is in the same degree by conjunction, or casteth any aspect unto it.....'

'….But that you may more fully and perfectly know where your Antiscion falls in degrees and minutes, behold this following table.

A General Table of the Antiscions in signs.


Any planet in Gemini sends his Antiscion into Cancer, or being in Leo into Taurus.....'

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