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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

Here's one more quote I found interesting:
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The lower or waxing quincunx has a 1st and 6th house (Virgo) influence and is called the “health quincunx.” This is especially true if it relates to the 1st or 6th houses or their rulers in the timed chart. The upper or waning quincunx has a 1st and 8th house (Scorpio) influence and is called the “death quincunx,” but unless the regenerative side of this aspect (Scorpio) is recognized, its true significance is overlooked. This type of quincunx can also result in crises involving money (Scorpio). It is like a nagging problem operating over an extended time until circumstances develop forcing us to give it our utmost attention. Often its conflicts are not obvious to us. We need to make long-standing adjustments on the feeling level.
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But that major would not indicate in you traits such as over-intensity or an above-average IQ or a melodious voice or an agressive excitability with your thoughts or indefatigable care with details.

Mix to taste....
That is interesting. Do harmonics figure into your chart readings a lot for minor aspects?

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Sorry about that Blacknight; my website has been suffering continuous attacks from hackers and when they succeed your anti-virus program protects your computer.

This problem is being fixed this weekend as I am getting my security strengthened considerably.

I am pleased you like my article on the quincunx aspect. The information was gleaned through observing the charts of thousands of my clients over the years.

Hi Alice! I'm sorry to hear about the hacker attacks. I'm glad to hear your site will be getting more protection as I'd like to read more of your articles.

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Is this the information you needed?
Oh, I was wondering about the definition of a true inconjunct needing an intermediary. Thanks for that link!

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Ebertin and the cosmobiologie practitioners have made much use of the quincunx.

I have found the quincunx often of value in astro-medical analysis, also in symbolic directions: my maximum orb is 2 degrees (and in symbolic directions, 1 degree)
I'm curious Dr. Farr, what conditions would the quincunx relay from a medical standpoint? And have you seen it indicating the sudden onset of a condition in a transit??
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