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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
Frisiangal - I really like that metaphor. I got a mental image of magnets while reading it. With that Metaphor, I can relate to my inconjuncts better. I recognise that I try to go in two very different directions at the same time and true, one must be picked. For this, I have a Virgo Moon (Cancer rising) applying to an Aries Sun.
I associate magnets with Neptune and oppositions. The irresistible physical attraction and repulsion of an object.

Aries Sun has the plan to want to do it. Virgo Moon pays the attention to details and proof the plan works before attempting it. Sun can become irritated of Moon's rationality before doind something; Moon can criticise Sun's spontaneous action and just jumping in without realisation of the consequences. E.g. Emmigration may be the plan but it means getting work, money, housing, legal passport, etc.etc. settled to avoid last minute chaos .

How do we know if we are managing the aspect well? Or if we're not? I think the houses of the planets involved decide which way I react.
If you don't get agitated at all, the inconjunct/quincunx is/are working well.

As for a third planet acting as a way out, thankfully in each of the inconjunctions that I have, there is a third planet connecting the two. I don't yet know what that planet does/should do though.
Look at it as a channel intermediary.....that can be used to reach the others.

One more thing - I have a transiting inconjunction imminent in just a couple of weeks. TR Saturn inconjunct Sun.
A transit would work differently than a natal aspect, wouldn't it? It effects a period of time. The Sun wants to get going; Saturn in Scorpio will show the tendency to wait, according to the situations regarding the house realm through which it is passing. It will be sextiling the Moon in Virgo part of the inconjunct. Check the list see what's naughty and nice.

Apologies for spelling in previous post. Double Dutch is getting the better of me; 'taught' should have read 'taut'.

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