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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

Originally Posted by Blacknight View Post
The quincunx or inconjunct as it's otherwise known is an aspect of 150 degrees. Most sites I've run across have similar copy pasted info regarding it, however I recently found a website by an Alice Portman describing the quincunx degree more in depth. (I won't link to the website because my anti-virus warned me about visiting it, so I looked at a google cached snapshot instead, but you can google it if you want.)
Sorry about that Blacknight; my website has been suffering continuous attacks from hackers and when they succeed your anti-virus program protects your computer.

This problem is being fixed this weekend as I am getting my security strengthened considerably.

I am pleased you like my article on the quincunx aspect. The information was gleaned through observing the charts of thousands of my clients over the years.

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