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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

Frisiangal - I really like that metaphor. I got a mental image of magnets while reading it. With that Metaphor, I can relate to my inconjuncts better. I recognise that I try to go in two very different directions at the same time and true, one must be picked. For this, I have a Virgo Moon (Cancer rising) applying to an Aries Sun.

Two more inconjunctions, nowhere near the first: Jupiter/Pluto and Uranus/Ascendent.

How do we know if we are managing the aspect well? Or if we're not? I think the houses of the planets involved decide which way I react.

As for a third planet acting as a way out, thankfully in each of the inconjunctions that I have, there is a third planet connecting the two. I don't yet know what that planet does/should do though.

One more thing - I have a transiting inconjunction imminent in just a couple of weeks. TR Saturn inconjunct Sun. This is a TR 5th to 10th house connection. Saturn rules my 7th and the Sun my 2nd. Change is exactly what I want most right now so I have no fear. If the Sun rules the 2nd, I'll be watching money. Jobs and emmigration are on the agenda right now so I know something's coming.
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