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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

Blacknight, I've found pro website materials on the 150 to be largely misleading or at least less helpful to the process of internalizing this well-recognized minor aspect than either one's own efforts born of direct observations or reading up on others' direct experiences in forums (or blogs like @ Donna Cunningham).

For example, AFAIK, you have a pretty tight 150 between Merc and Pluto and so maybe you can share a bit about its feeling (e.g., are you too-intense mentally sometimes for others to enjoy socially or does such intensity cause you to miss something along the chain of logic...?).

Of course, your Merc's many other aspects may cloud this process. Probably better to find a familiar having a 150 to a personal planet which is not otherwise aspected.

But, yes, use even less than a 2 degree orb (to leave room for the tri-septile if/when you start focusing on that aspect).
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