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Re: The Quincunx / Inconjunct Factor

This is interesting. I read this before.

I have natal Pluto qunicunx Chiron 1 approaching orb. Pluto rules 2nd house Saturn, 3rd house Sun, Mercury in Scorpio (ascendant and MC ruler) both Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto in Scorpio aspect Moon in Capricorn in 5th. I do have a very dark sense of humor. I often see the funny side of illness and tragedy to make my patients laugh and be optimistic. I always tell them we are so bloody lucky living in Australia we have Medicare and none of these we have to pay then telling them this bottle of antibiotic can be very expensive; we are so spoiled, loved and people are so kind to us and tell them we made a fortune by no need to pay for any of these cost lol

I comfort them by making jokes with dark humor. I never tell them they are in bad situation, I always managed to make fun so they feel very lucky and strong then they also believed in themselves also capable of getting better. Sometime when their tests got delayed, I also make jokes about the bloody delay is insane, I actually stepped on their shoes and telling them OH MY GOD this is terrible but with very dramatic tone. Then they just laugh with me. Cause I acted more frustrated and they found it funny to them as I was just very loud and dramatic with my expression. Maybe they know I knew how they feel and acting/speaking out loud for them in funny and sarcastic way. It works, they usually feel less tense cause they can see that I care and felt the same way with them. Or maybe half the time they spent more time thinking this nurse is Nut rather than worrying their own problems!
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