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Re: Uranus conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

PLSA, I have Uranus in Gemini conjunct my MC natally.

I'm a retired senior now, but when I was working I used to joke (not so humorously) about my chronic inability to focus.

However, I was fortunate to work in a field in in a type of workplace where I had a lot of autonomy. If I got bored with something, I often had the ability to change it without having to quit or be fired. I did change employers a few times, but these were promotions, and I stayed in the same profession throughout my working life.

Part of one's career success with Uranus conjunct MC is either to identify a job with a lot of built-in-variety; or else to focus on a career ruled by Uranus.

Uranus is the modern ruler of astrology, so vocation-wise it's not a bad choice. These days, with so much free astrological chart reading on the Internet, however, I don't know how well it would pay to be a professional astrologer.

These days I do a lot of chart-reading for people. I don't accept payment for this, but it almost functions as a second career sometimes.

Uranus also rules aviation, science, things electrical, and things that are futuristic. For some reason, Uranus also rules psychology and psychiatry. I'm pretty sure it rules space travel. (Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book.)

A career in one of these fields would be a good choice for a Uranus conjunct MC person; but even so, I think s/he would want a lot of variety within a profession.
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