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Re: Novelists/Writers

Oftentimes it's good to listen to your instincts, since your astrology is working for you regardless if you are aware of it or not. So you been writing books since you were a child?

Good news is that your chart is giving you a thumbs up in the direction to becoming a romance novelist. Traditionally speaking you'd want to see the prominence of both Venus and Mercury together for the combo of fiction/poetry to be on the table. Mercury is located in the 10th sign which gears it to career. It is also making an "ideal" heliacal rising (this is a convention of a planet separating from the Sun within 15 degrees over the course of a week. This is based on longitudinal aspects). This also shows that Mercurial matters would have a strong emphasis for you, and we know that writing is among one of its significations. Also, Mercury is found in a Gauquelin sector as it is found in the 9th house behind the MC. By quadrant your Mercury is in house 9, and 9th house is a house of publishing.

So Mercury seems good to go. How about Venus? According to traditional authors (I think it was Maternus) the separations and applications of the Moon are relevant for what one does as a profession. This is based on the traditional "sacred" planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). Of these planets, your Moon is applying to Venus which indicates that the profession could be one of the Venusian variety. An emphasis on romance and love sounds well within her remit.

MC is in Cancer (The Moon can be literary) and the placement of the Moon is on the 7th house cusp - predisposing a career that emphasizes one-to-one relationships. More modernly we see a creative and inspired fire grand trine which includes the Moon, Venus and Neptune (with Neptune very close to the 3rd house cusp). This shows a very active and colourful imagination which may have rose coloured dreams and great idealisms about love. Love may be the gateway to greater spirituality for such a person. I'd imagine that there's a lot of material in such a person that could easily be translated on paper. Reams and reams of paper.

If you want further encouragement, Sun/NN in Leo is rising at the midheaven, showing prominence and notable reputation. Leo Sun is also a placement of creativity and self-expression, such a powerful engine is good alongside the rest of the placements in your chart.

By my account, the chart is saying you should go for it. But will you? To some extent you've been honouring the placements in your light but I get the drive to take it to the next level.
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