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Re: Can I make a living teaching?

Originally Posted by DaveVermont View Post
Hi All,

I have started to teach meditation to friends and relatives and it's going pretty well.
Wondering if I could make a living doing this?

The ascendent is early however that degree is the same as Mercury in my birthchart, so I thought that was significant in this case. The moon will sextile Mercury in the 10th and Jupiter is in the second. but will be opposed by the moon.

So I was hoping for some objective opinion to help out.

Thanks for having a look at the chart!!

all planets are in new sign and in original degrees. And the Asc there itself, tells us your new facts and your new professional principle.
Inside the 10th house shows us where you are focusing and your attention, and the Moon in the 8th and in its new position shows us that you focus your attention on the finances of others, through your professional position. It's a nice map and it shows mobility.
*The fact that Venus is on the decline shows us the kind of customers you won't be too happy with. And this will mainly do with their money which while losing some earnings will not be enough.

Before the Moon makes the sextile with Mercury you will do with Venus and Mars first. This is the money that comes in to you. Finally will make a opposition to Jupiter where the Moon is in the detriment of this mighty Jupiter. Jupiter symbolizes in your map the creativity, enjoyment and pleasure you get from personal pursuits. So maybe you are not happy about it because finances will not be what you expect.

The sun shows the field of your business that was powerful before and now in its new position has lost power. This is another example of the decline ...
But in the future you will have recovered and it will be a little better. not now.
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