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Re: Will I find true friendship this year?

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
You mercury are under saturn by term, and in aversion the the Asc. Moon L11 has just recently opposed you and is also in aversion to the Ascendant, with also saturn trine the Asc.
So the underlying issues are to do with saturn/quincunx aspect/5th house.

Quincunx is a difficult aspect, where we'll find problems, that contradict what they lead to as a solution or understanding. A need for some major change and adjustment is in order. This is the way you're presently feeling, its like you know things are not how you want them to be, and you wan't change, but you don't quite know what it is you need to do.

What im getting from this is that your can come across as reserved, detached, unapproachable, keep yourself to yourself, bit of a loner, can be quite hard on yourself and view yourself as not being someone who's like able. Unfortunately your not going to attract new and good friendships for yourself being the way you are.

This is where the uncomfortable (quincunx) change needs to come from. You need to change how you are currently being.
Thank you...
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