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Re: Social issues


Groups are associated with the 11th house, 11th house ruler is sun and its in capricorn conjunct the IC from the 4th. Meaning you generally keep to yourself regardless. Capricorn is not an very open sign either and in the 4th it would make a person private.
also do you go out enough? this is also the kind of aspect of someone that stays home alot.

Ruler of your sun, saturn is in the 1st, and saturn in the 1st can lead to self censoring and also being closed off.

With pluto in the 1st square mars in the 4th, you probably have a quick temper-impatience-and in the 1st it can give off an aggressiveness type energy to others. Make sure you have a release for your pent up emotions- excercise/sports of any kind helps.

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I have put the chart up but it seems everyone is avoiding reading my chart. I have read other posts and ppl are freely giving their insights and I feel everyone is avoiding reading mine as I put it up on another thread but it’s getting ignored ����

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