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Re: Saturn conjunct neptune transit (love?)

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
Millions of people were born with a Saturn conjunct Neptune and in their early 30s, they have serious problems with employment, income and college tuition debt, and I feel sorry for this portion of the millennial generation (born 1982 or 83 to 2000 or 01) to have a difficult experience in their 20s (from age 18-31), we can blame political and cultural factors...or two outer planets conjunction, for their problems, crisis and trouble in pulling their boot straps to achieve their own mature adult independence,.
The highlighted sounds very much like a comment a Capricorn influence would make. I am still trying to get a grasp upon that generational major conjunction between Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in the sign and how it is/will affect(ing) their views of the world, as well as of astrology.

Your 'location' indicates that you use the sidereal house system, which would place the conjunction in Aquarius or Sagittarius? ( I can never remember the order.) How would you describe the themes of same conjunction through that sign?

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