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Re: Saturn conjunct neptune transit

Originally Posted by Twin View Post
So Saturn transit is conjunct with my Neptune and recently I am going through a very hard hard time in my life. My boyfriend is moving out (our mutual choice with some harshness to it), my mom is sick, my brother is very sick, I have been so stressed out that I have increased my counseling and have been missing work which impacts me financially.

I admit to some horrible thoughts, a lot of self-doubt, hopelessness, wanting to be alone and loneliness accompanying it. What are ways to cope with this before I emotionally breakdown again?

Thanks for your chart. The only change I care to make is the natal Neptune/Uranus conjunction. This conjunction is so close that we must include it in our consideration of the Saturn transit. Your woes will resemble a haunting or intrusion from the spirit realm. That deepens and complicates your grievous feelings which may be combined with fears and great tension. As Saturn moves closer to Uranus, you will show a tendency to violent mood swings that put stress on your relationships. Tension will rise. You may feel the need to get away and separate from others in order to relieve the stress.
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