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Re: Sun's houses / aspects and having traits of the sign that rule the planet / house

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Something I've wondered is whether the Sun's aspects to other planets and the Sun's position by house gives you traits of the sign that's associated with the planet / house.

For example, someone's a Leo, but his Sun is in the 8th house. Do you think it would make him less fiery, outgoing, and outspoken like a typical Leo and instead give him a kind of secretiveness and intensity similar to that of a Scorpio? If someone's an Aquarius but their Sun's in the 4th house, would it give the native Cancer traits?

Can someone with Sun in 8th house and in aspect to Mars and Pluto be just as Scorpio as a Scorpio sun, perhaps even more than someone who's simply a Scorpio?

I also wonder if this applies to other planets. For example, the effect of Moon-Neptune is equivalent to Moon in Pisces, the equivalent of Moon-Venus is Moon in Taurus, Moon-Pluto=Moon in Scorpio etc.

And then Venus-Saturn=Venus in Capricorn, Venus-Neptune=Venus in Pisces, Venus-Jupiter=Venus in Sagittarius etc.

If someone else is also a Cancer like me, and both our suns are in the 7th house, but his Sun's in aspect to both Uranus and Neptune while my sun is not, do you think it would modify the expression of his Cancer traits and overall personality very significantly?

Sun-Pluto in Scorpio=Scorpio traits are intensified?
Sun-Uranus in Aquarius=Aquarius traits are intensified?
Sun-Neptune in Pisces=Pisces traits are intensified?
Sun-Saturn in Capricorn=Capricorn traits are intensified?

For example, if someone's a Capricorn but he has multiple inner planets in aspect to Uranus and Neptune. Would it make him more dreamy and unconventional than a typical Capricorn?
Not necesssarily
the entire chart must be read as a whole

The significations of THE PLANET are most important



A HOUSE shows the area of life
in which the planet acts

as well as
how strongly the planet can act

Most students are aware that houses are defined as
angular = 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th
succeedent = 2nd, 5th, 8th, & 11th
cadent = 3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th
as shown in the diagram below.

The houses are not all equal in strength and power.

If a planet is located in an angular house
it is much more forceful in its effects
than it would be in a cadent house.

On page 48 of Christian Astrology Lilly writes:
The angles are most powerful
the succeedents are next in virtue
the cadents poor and of little efficacy:
the succeedent houses follow the angles
the cadents come next [after] the succeedents.

In force and virtue they stand so in order:

1 10 7 4 11 5 9 3 2 8 6 12

the quality of the planet's expression
is influenced by the SIGN location of the PLANET

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