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Re: Would calling myself a Scorpio make me a poser

Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
Thankyou sibylline. As for the 8th house Pluto connections. May I add that I did my tropical and sidereal heliocentric charts too, my tropical heliocentric is a cancer dominant and a water dominant chart with fixed as a prominent modality, giving Scorpio power here too. Also with my sidereal heliocentric chart Pluto again is in Scorpio along with Mercury and Chiron, here it has power too. I've been fixed on astrology because of Scorpio as I didn't fit my tropical sign I searched now I'm at a crossroads where even different versions of the charts hint at Scorpio energy, and people peg me as a Scorpio no matter how hard I try to blend in (I'm good at blending btw). It's just the system that many astrologers love has no place for me.
I think you're confusing yourself and everybody else by mixing and jumping back and forth between zodiacs.

In the tropical zodiac that most use here, you're not water dominant. You're fixed and earth (grand trine in earth, in fact). Trying to piece your tropical chart together, I think you should look more into what happens when the Moon (and, by extension, its house and aspects) gain prominence.

People have pegged me as different signs over the years, but in truth most people don't know anything about astrology. The main issue with saying "Scorpio" when not is that it is inaccurate. If your Sun is not in Scorpio, it is in a different sign that does influence you, but it may not seem that way if you're going off of stereotypes. You should probably look deeper into astrology, beyond signs, and more as a whole instead of isolated pieces.
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