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Re: Saturn conjunct Midheaven and North Node in Virgo, Chiron in 6th house Taurus

Although I don't think alternative health care practitioners make a lot of money, I think you would be happier in the fields you suggest. Something about you needs to go very deep (moon-Pluto, 8th house planets) into areas of life that actually frighten other people.

I don't know much about Chinese medicine other than that it is becoming a lot more popular in the West, and I imagine that it is well respected in Taiwan. If you think about people who are emotionally of physically in pain in some way and that your career involved restoring them to well-being, I think that a career in this field would suit you.

Saturn rules physical pain as well as the skin, and your Saturn is ruled by Mercury, which rules the hands, so I think you could do well as a licensed massage therapist.

I think you could even work with hospice patients, if you saw your focus as providing some beauty and comfort to them.

In terms of a beautiful environment, a spa or some kind of retreat where people go to feel rejuvenated might be a supportive place for you to work.

When people shift careers, I don't think they ever quite lose their old expertise, but they use it in different ways.
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