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Originally Posted by fabio220 View Post
Hello Dear members and astrologers,

my name is Fabio. I was born on the 15/07/1990 at 14:46 (time already rectified) in Ceglie Messapica, Italy.
This is year is very very bad for me. I started to feel generally weak in december 2015 and then, little by little, I started to be more and more weak so that in June I had the final collapse. I went to the hospital and many doctors said that everything is ok but I'm still bad. My body has widespread formication, spasms, strong heart beating, mental fog...and all kinds of body problems arouse such as a finger almost broken and especially during the last few weeks mentaly agony , a sprained ankle today...etc I'm on the edge of a breakdown also because my mind started to tell me that I could be gay or woman inside a man perhaps when I' ve always been heavily eterosexual and all the time thinking about girls. I had sex and some relationships with women. I feel completely disconneted without an identity. Could it be this ketu antardasha? If it is so, it is killing me. What is the sense of everything? Please, I ask this from the deep of my me somehow...I want to be the smiling guy with a lot of strenght and with a good heart that I was.

Help me
Dear Fabio,

I drew up a vedic chart and have the following to say..
Ascendant Libra Swati the disperser ruled by Rahu. Swati rules circulation. Please check for any blood circulation or lymph circulation problems.
Swati has this 'necessity' to disperse ..and what does it want to disperse in your case ? Rahu is in Capricorn Sravana..the one who hears what is not being said.
Swati in your case has the necessity to disperse the 'truth'. Swati rules the internet.
Often, truths may be unsavoury too. Capricorn Sravana is the energy that will identify what 'is not being said'. So often these people may get confused whether what is being stated is true ..or what his instincts say?
Rahu in Sravana should believe his instincts..
The move is away from being a nurturer , to being the disperser of truth. Till now, this person has been a good nurturer and believed in the goodness of all.But the truth may reflect something else. Aceeptance of the truth and letting it go may be helpful.Please use this energy of moving towards Sravana. Most of the work is in home and homeland . Check for ear balance problems( Sravana).
Most of the work is in home and homeland.
Now it is Venus Ketu Dasha, move away from nurturing type of roles to 'spreading the truth'.
Next Dasha 2017 is Sun. Sun is in Gemini Punarvasu the 're-covery'. Mars is in Aries Ashvini the healer. Punar means 'again' or 'twice'.punar vasu.the twice born.
You could pursue higher studies as the signs are very good.
I would think Law may be a good career yo spread the truth !
I will look into the gay angle. Any other questions?
Do as your spirit wills. God bless !

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