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Re: Hyleg and Alcocoden

As to which zodiac Valens used, I think it is important to think philosophically about such statements as "equally rising", "equal power" and the ascensions of the zoidia. While some statements suggest sidereal thinking, it is a mathematical fact that zoidia are equally rising (or have the same ascensional times) only in a tropical zodiac of 0 degrees. It is also however true that there are some mathematical misconceptions about the ascensions as shown in the tables which conspicuously round off to 60/180 degrees. The actual correct values of course depend upon latitude.

One has to be careful about the statements about system A, or system B (offsetting the zodiac by 8, 10 or even 15 degrees). Valens often states things that he doesn't actually do (such as loosing of the bond to the trigon instead of the opposition). I have gone through several of Valens chart examples in Delphic Oracle (software that I wrote) and even though many examples have planets off by several degrees, often some planets are conspicuously correct if one considers 0 degrees (tropical).

The problem is that in Valens time, the issue of zodiac (sidereal or tropical) was not well defined, so although they used star positions to help fix positions, their thinking was actually a mix of both.
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