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Cheating, Infidelity: Most Frequent Aspects

I have been meaning to do this thread for a while now, but life gets in the way and I delay it.
Anyway, so I have lots and lots and LOTS of data on various people from all walks of life…..picked out the ones who are/were married and have experienced infidelity. Went through all the data in detail in hopes of finding any common has taken most of Sunday morning – fun!!

Before I give the synastry data, here are the most common natal aspects found in the cheating partner…..
Above all others, one natal aspect stood out far beyond..…so can you guess? ……It’s a hard aspect between Mars and Uranus….1/3 charts have the conjunction, square or opposition. I don't think I'm surprised?....Okay next is Mars-Pluto at roughly 1/5 of the charts, and close behind are Mercury-Mars, Venus-Mars and Venus-Uranus. Make of that what you will.....maybe adds charm? Next up, at slightly under 1/5 are Moon-Neptune and Venus-Neptune. Again, all hard aspects. I should point out, most had a combination of these. Very few had like just one!

For the synastry! Now, because the data was sooo heavy, and I didn’t want to spend a week going through it, I only looked at Uranus, Neptune and Pluto synastry aspects. Uranus cause it rules adultery, Neptune as it rules cheating, and Pluto because it rules revenge.
The synastry aspect leading the way by about 1/5 is a hard aspect between the cheater’s Pluto and their partner’s Sun. Very guess is this is more to do with revenge, with the intention that the cheating would cripple their partner’s ego and pride? Next is a hard aspect between Venus and the cheater’s Pluto. Now instead of destroying(Pluto) their pride(Sun), this one is more aimed at destroying their trust in love. Pretty much equal to Venus-Pluto, just a tad behind is Venus-Uranus hard aspects….with Uranus being the cheating partner. is Neptune you say!? Well...when Neptune is involved, roughly over 60% of the time, it’s the Neptune of the partner that’s being cheated on. Probably deluding themselves that the cheating isn't happening. Around 1/5 of the couples have Venus-Neptune, followed closely by Mercury-Neptune and Moon-Neptune. All hard aspects, with the non-cheater being Neptune. If you didn't understand, here it is ordered (red being the cheater)
Most common synastry aspects in order
1. Sun-Pluto
2. Venus-Neptune
3. (roughly equally) Moon-Neptune, Mercury-Neptune, Venus-Pluto, Venus-Uranus
(all hard aspects)

edit: I just realized this thread sounds wayyy too upbeat for such a depressing subject!! I can't shake Jupiter off, what can I say!
Sagittarius is my #1 dominant sign, Jupiter #2 dominant planet! Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune in the 9th. One day I'll travel the world! Japan you're first

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