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Re: Hyleg and Alcocoden

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I am studying the paper written by Bernadette Brady on this matter. I have my moon at 6 degrees 34 minutes Capricorn second house, in novile aspect to Venus at 17 degrees 14 minutes Aquarius. I am not sure if the minor aspect of moon/Venus applies in my case as Venus is ruler of term degree at 6 degrees Capricorn; her paper does not state exactly what aspect they must make, but instead just says an aspect. If this is not the case, then I would look to the Ascendant, as my Mars at 5 degrees 22 minutes Leo trines my Ascendant at 27 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio. The Ascendant would make more sense, and is in a grand trine to my Sun at 27 degrees 55 minutes Pisces, fourth house, in conjunction to Jupiter at 26 degrees 10 minutes Pisces also in fourth.
Novile is not a Ptolemaic aspect

Ptolemy distinguished four major aspects between zodiac signs:
sextile, square, trine, and opposition

William Lilly included the conjunction
as well as partile or platick as discussed at
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