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Re: What transits show relocation?

Some astrologers also say that we need to look at the tranists happening at the time when we are offered an opportunity to relocate. Apparently if the tranists are not positive, the relocation would not be advisable.

I have this problem right now. I was offered a job at a place where my relocated chart is this,

When I was shortlised and had the interview I had Saturn conjunct Neptune exact. I also had transit Jupiter conjunct AC and Neptune quincux Sun. Shortly afterwards I had an on-going transit of Saturn square Sun.

Notice that in the relocated chart Jupiter is conjunct the AC, Sun conjunct the DC, Saturn is close to the AC and Neptune close to the MC. Relocation astrology never ceases to amaze me. Is there a pattern there or what?

The problem is that these indications are so mixed that I still don't know if I should accept the job. I've put them on hold while I'm waiting for other jobs which are less equivocal to respond. What do I trust: the Saturn squares and conjunctions or the Jupiter AC?

What worries me most about this location is that it's in a non-Western country and Neptune Sun transits would make this seem very alien and strange. Having an afflicted Jupiter smack on the AC wouldn't help either. The only benefit is that it's a good job with a high salary.
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