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Re: House Meanings

I'd like to add something.
I like my students to remember this about the houses: The angular houses represent (in the largest sense) "identity"; the succeedent houses represent desires and values and the cadent houses represent the processes of thought.

For instance, the first house represents the identity of the personality; the 4th, the innermost private identity; the 7th, the identity of the "other" or mirror image; and the 10th the most public identity.

The 2nd house, the "products" & desires born from the personality; the 5th, the products & desires born from the innermost identity; the 8th, the products & desires born from the partnership; and the 11th, the products and desires born from the career or most public identity.

The 3rd house represents our conscious thinking mind and our routine experiences; the 6th represents the way we digest information; the 9th represents the conclusions we come to and the recording of this information; and the 12th house represents how information and thought gets subsumed into the unconscious....swirling between consciousness and UN.... affecting us without our necessarily knowing it.

Also, it's wise to remember the polarities. The first and 7th share a common thread, the 2nd and 8th, the 3rd and 9th, the 4th and 10th, the 5th and 11th and the 6th and 12th. One hemisphere is connected to the other ...even without planets placed there.
So when we "read" a house, it's good to look to the opposite house to make a complete evaluation.

The reason I believe this is important to learn early in this study is to show the "finiteness" of life. All is connected to the rest. This is not new thinking or original, but it is something not usually stressed in beginning astrology. When discussing the houses I think it is important to remember these things.

This type of connectedness really helps me when I read a chart for the first time. That is why I include it when I teach beginners.

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