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Originally Posted by johan

Thanks for the clear explanation.
This all makes a lot of sense to me,this is really helpful.
Tomorrow I shall read your website on the star of bethlehem,took already a quick glance but now i am really getting curious...

There is a great deal of information on the site... it can take quite a while!

I want to share one additional comment regarding our discussion.

The 12th house deals with 'secret enemies' and our discussion is an excellent example of how a powerful transit of a natal 12th house planet (sun and moon also) can reveal a 'secret (otherwise hidden) enemy' that
is hidden somewhere within the depths (a square) of the psyche.

In order to fully recognize the culprit, it is important to have an idealized picture of ourselves so we can make the necessary adjustments to correct and/or vanquish the 'secret enemy'. In this case the secret enemy was a physical health issue and was, somewhat, easy to recognize because we know what "excellent" is and is not.

The key is in understanding the exaulted nature of the astrological archetypes and comparing them with any issues that arise from hard aspects in the birth chart and by transits.

As such, astrology is a path to wholeness that continues until "Humpty Dumpty" is reassembled and eternity is revealed to the renewed consciousness! Astrology.... Man's first 'religion' and the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses who guide us out of the labyrinth.

Best Regards.
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