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JCW,thanks for your reply

This is absolutely correct,JCW!
That is indeed the first thing that happened.It brought up the health issues in my life and maybe the current transit of uranus entering my 6th house
has also to do with it
I started to read a book of a dutch astrologer who wrote a book 'medical astrology'(in dutch)where she also explains the degrees in connection with parts of the body(ebertin did describe this degrees).
I started comparing them with natal charts of my family.
My aunt had a serious illness with her thyroid gland and she had jupiter on that degree(17 taurus)
My uncle had a serious problem with his hipps and he has a planet on that degree(2 sagittarius)
My sister was born with a broken keybone and has a planet on this degree(13 gemini)
So my chart is definitely right!
Thanks for your reply because I had not made the connection with the 6th house!
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