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Originally Posted by johan
Thanks jcw for your insights,

But can you or anyone else can say something more of this opposition in connection with the houses and signs of this opposition.In my case pluto-12th-virgo/mercury- 6th-pisces,which is triggered by the square pluto?
It has turned everything upside down and i mean EVERYTHING(although uranus is also important i think,when it entered my 6th house and like amazon1963 wrote making a square with natal mars)

Any insights are welcome!!!
Same answer with additional info.
Pluto in the 12th house blocks all escape routes, it presents issues which MUST be handled.. The 12th house is your house of 'karma'. Virgo is primarily related to your physical body (mutable earth). Mercury in the 6th house (natural placement of Virgo) relates also to your body (a 'servant' of your spirit / indwelling consciousness). So, if your birth time is accurate then you should be experiencing some kind of re-evaluation about how you treat your body (diet, exercise, relaxation, etc.).
The Pluto transit (squaring both natal pluto and natal mercury) should bring up some "seeds" (thought patterns in this instance) from deep within the subconscious (pluto 'underworld') that will eventually harm you if left unattended.
If the square is affecting you in another area, other than physical health, then (opinion) it is likely that your birth time is incorrect. For instance, if you are experiencing issues with your spouse or significant other it suggests that the pluto/mercury opposition is in your 1st and 7th houses.
Or if the issues come up in groups and children (or artistic creations) then the 11th and 5th houses are involved.
If you are absolutely certain of your birth time then (opinion) the issues that the transiting pluto will raise should be regarding your physical health habits and your body.
Without more information, this is my conclusion.

If you are uncertain of your birth time then you can use the pluto transit as an opportunity to rectify your birth chart.
Pluto squares are powerful transits, there should be no doubt regarding what areas of life (houses) are being affected.
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