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No one appreciates a good laugh out loud than this Sag rising! I read the excerpt and was like...uhhhhhh :? Work and play time are taking their tolls on my brain these days.

Greene, Hand and Arroyo, all three are usually very technical in their approaches to astrology! I think thats what threw me off track, that and just mental fatigue! They will use quotes and some spiritual approach but most of their work is from a scientific approach.

Ok, LOTR and the excerpt make a lot more sense to me now! I am envisioning the hairy lil' Hobbit feet now making their journey to Mordor! I can also 'see' how it resonates for you as you begin your own 'journey' in learning astrology. Perhaps later on you might start a discussion on the subject.

Interesting how the astrologer made the correllation with Tolkien's work and Pluto. Certainly many symbolic meanings of the events, character crisis/resolutions and their personalities are glaringly evident, even to those not trained in literary analysis or astrology. Cosmic energies and cycles are there if we look for them and their correllations with both the individual and the collective at large.

Awesome that you wont have problems ordering books! 8) Astrodienst is a wonderful site indeed and so is our own Astrology Weekly hosted by Radu! He has very generously supplied many interpretations for aspects, energies of the signs, etc. I for one, am very grateful for his work...

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