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Re: Ba Zhi Sharing

Originally Posted by stephenseah007 View Post
Hi there, I am interested in Ba Zhi as well

This are my birth details

Dec 21 1984 , 1733

thanks for the interpretation
Hi dear, sorry for the late reply. Below is my interpretation:

Gender: Female Birthdate: 1984/12/21 17:1
Birth Chart--Bazi, 4 Pillars of Destiny
 時   日   月   年 
 偏財  比肩  正印  正官 

 癸   己   丙   甲  
 酉   丑   子   子  

 食神  比肩  偏財  偏財 

◎Your life is represented by the garden of wealth, which means you are generous and very lucky to live a pretty comfortable life. You keep your word and you like kind and determined people. You look like an easy-going person but you are actually quite determined. It's hard to tell what's on your mind and you tend to keep a low profile.◎

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the garden. The garden is the foundation and home for flower, grass and creation, but people only notice the beautiful flowers, green leaves and not the earth under their feet.

The garden is trampled upon all the time but never complains, so you are just like the garden soil, which provides nutrition to many creatures, but is not appreciated. You sacrifice yourself for others, which brings you many problems when they take advantage of your kindness. Most people neglect your contribution, and only discover your importance when you leave your original position. The main part of a garden is the soil, so you rarely changing, which make you a bit dull to others. You are amiable, smart, and understand things clearly, but keep your thoughts and viewpoints inside your heart. Your appearance is very amiable, but you are very rigid in your heart and will persist and not give up.

You admire people who are heroic, dominating and a bit arrogant, but also respect those who are unselfish and lenient with others. Your entire life is like the garden, not catching too much attention, but cultivated silently in the background. When luck and fortune come, you will be far better off than many others because you have been cultivated over a long period of time.  

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