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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

r- u - contraparallel - close enough.. sun is actually parallel uranus.

source direct - one can get a lot of astro answers, but if you get the right one it will be tricky to know as there will be a few to choose from for an astro explanation of your particular brand of introversion..

the vedic folks use a chart called the navamsha chart which is the same as a 9th harmonic.. this will bring points in a chart 40 degrees apart into a conjunction.. in your chart sun to saturn is 40 degrees as it pluto to descendant.. in the 9th harmonic or navamsha chart you have a sun/saturn conjunction along with a descendant pluto conjunction... the sun/saturn conjunction would definitely incline one more to introversion and the pluto/descendant conjunction might also encourage a level of solitude in the relationship dept... but, the thing i mostly think of is saturn in the 8th ruling the western descendant where most of your planets are, in combo with cancer rising which is generally a more sensitive, shy and potentially introverted sign... all of this together seems to add up to introversion in your case.. i base this on your telling us this here.. i wouldn't have gotten it just looking at your chart with a quick and less informed comment from you right away..

the rising sign always plays a big role in an astro chart, often more then many associate with it.. the ruler - moon in aries in the 10th house area would immediately suggest more security and comfort in the public eye, but saturn in the 8th in the 40 to 6th house sun, not so much.. thanks for sharing.. james
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