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Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Hi SourceDirect91. I'm not sure that there's anything definitive that you could point to that makes this the chart of an introvert. If siderealism was the answer, then why would the other people you know be extraverted? There are some things that might shed light, however, which probably weren't in the charts of those two other people. (It might be interesting if possible for you to try to get their birth times).

Jupiter, ruler of the Sagi planets, is in Virgo (same for the other two of people of course) and also in the 4th house of one's more private experiences and circumstances. Neptune closely trines Jupiter, and again those other people would have this, but it may still be relevant to your introversion together with other factors - pulling your Jupiter into the imaginal realm from where it perhaps calls to the Sagittarian planets.

Neptune and Jupiter both aspect Venus in Scorpio, which could add to introversion (though again this would be shared with the other people born that day).

All people born that day would also have Mercury trine Chiron, but not many would have this reiterated by Chiron in the 3rd house. This may bring reflect a tendency to use the mind more for deep soul-searching than general banter.

If you were born about 6 minutes or so earlier, you would have Gemini rising, so the retrograde Mercury and the Chiron Mercury connection would be more significant.

The Sagittarius planets are in the 6th house, backing up the Virgo theme, and suggesting that the Sagi search for meaning will be directed towards experiences of self-definition and self-refinement. Pluto in the 6th can feel passionately about personal boundaries.

Saturn in the 9th may reflect a need to be very cautious in how you approach experiences of expansion.

Cancer rising often tends towards withdrawal. With Moon in Aries, there would usually be more of a need to project the self out into the world. Perhaps there's something here about the Cancerian shell being a place where you can be more yourself (which Aries needs). Perhaps also the very close Moon Pluto quincunx adds to the Aries placement to give a strong instinctive need for self determination - a sense that only one's own power can be relied upon and so must be honoured above all else.

If you're confident of your birth time, it might be worth looking at midpoints to see if say Neptune is picked up by any of the important midpoints such as Sun/Moon, ASC/MC. Sun/ASC, Moon/MC, Sun/MC or Moon/ASC.

It looks as though Pluto is square your Sun/Moon midpoint. This could be relevant to introversion. This would only be in effect for a small part of the day.

Jupiter and Mars both sesquiquadrate the ASC/MC midpoint if the time is accurate (which does nothing to explain your tendency to introvert of course!)

Its interesting that you don't seem shy as such. With Sun trine Moon in fire, you could just have a sense of inner equilibrium that means you don't have to make a 'song-and-dance' about yourself.

I don't know if any of this will be useful. If you want me to try to say any more you could perhaps try to say what's in it for you, so to speak, when you introvert.
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