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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
I've a burning question directly connected to all of this, and I don't see the sense in opening up an entire, new thread just for this, but what about Stage 2? Or 3?

- I'd like to see where the holes are in my knowledge, see what's next on the list; what would the teachers here recommend as the next 10 on the list? basically whatever you want to delve into. There is no set regimin
Time of course is valuable, espec when working

- As ever, as different as we are offline, there are many astrologers on here with very diverse methods and processes, and as much as I welcome and respect diversity, I get confused. Asteroids, as mentioned earlier, are a prime example. Some on here use them and some don't, some stick to Ptolemic aspects, others don't. I guess if I'm asking some of this, I've yet to find my feet on a few things, but I've been happily experimented with other things such as house systems and I've tightened orbs that I think are relevant so I'm getting there...
- How do I know what I need to sharpen up on? I would probably leave asteriods til last, then play around to see if you can identify anything with them. Nice to hear you have looked at other house systems other then the default of placidus

I see William Lily's Christian Astrology still reigns high, but the language and descriptions and decoding that kind of English nearly killed me, but I shall try again.
Transits is usually the first thing people study and research, by going back into their past and seeing what transit was doing what. That way (time permitting) you can look forward into the future.

Then, try secondary progressions, for rectification of charts/times etc, look into solar arcs. Then solar returns etc
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