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Re: what is the best moon sign (with sun sign pairing)

Originally Posted by Neptune Rising View Post
Interesting how people view strength and weakness in the elements.

Moon in Pisces of course I'm biased! I see the strength in being able to empathise and having compassion and healing abilities, and blend in so well in everything around - not to mention being able to emotionally travel to another world. Weakness - soft touch, gullible, escapism and not so keen on dealing with the mundane boring stuff.

Ah the Sun, Capricorn Sun helps ground the watery Moon, and get on with the boring mundane stuff, paying the bills ect. Perhaps even a fixed earth Sun would help a mutable water Moon, give it some stability. The cardinal Cappy Sun does give it drive and earth helps to ground.

I wouldn't swap it for anything.
Well the Sun and Moon are in sextile probably so your yin and yang energies are basically in harmony.
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