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Re: progressions and marriage indicators

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
i was reading that some progressions aspects are pretty strong indicators of marriage,,, now, the man i love - we are currently apart but he s tentatively trying to reconnect with me- is the one i am thinking about so i looked at my progressed moon for next year and it will conjunct his sun [march 2010] . also the sun, ruler of my ascendant and uranus ruler of my 7th are going to form an applying trine [march 2010].
so usually they say u need at least 3 indicators i found 2 so far what else could i look for ?
i ve heard vertex could be a strong indicator but not sure how
You could also take a look at solar returns and solar arcs and of course transits

To start with it's best to look at the individual needs of each persons chart and how they relate and what they are looking for. does have an option composite + natal midpoint method (2) which I find helpful.

If you choose to post the synastry bi wheel from astro could you please select the 2nd synastry option as it will put the houses and degrees onto the wheel which is far better for us to evaluate matters....
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