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Moon-IC degree question

I have a question about my moon on the IC. It is officially 5 degrees 22 away from the IC (in the 3rd house). With this placement, is it still possible that I can identify more with the 4th house than the 3rd, even if it's over 5 degrees from the IC? I know most astrologers obviously give a mark of within 5 degrees from the next house cusp for a planet to be more strongly influenced by the next house (I know this is one of those controversial points and some consider only 2 or 3 degrees). But I've never read or heard of over 5 degrees to be more influenced by the next house. I think Gauquelin went with the 5 degrees as well, didn't he?

Now there's some things I can identify with from both houses and some that don't fit at all from both houses, so I guess there's definitely a little mixture from both houses there, but overall I'd say I can identify stronger and with more things from the 4th house. For instance, I've always had a very strong emotional bond with my mother and I was quite a momma's boy as a child and very emotionally and "out-of-home-supportingly" dependent on her, and she was very caring, protective, supportive and loving, so that alone would indicate a rather strong 4th house moon influence I'd say and would fit better than a clear 3rd house moon placement. On the other hand my oldest sister sometimes acted as a helping figure for me as well in a couple of out of home issues. So that would show the 3rd house placement there I guess. But the mother influence was definitely stronger and longer lasting.

Now my birth time is said to be exact, but I wonder about the possibility of it being off by 1 or 2 minutes, because if it's 2 minutes earlier this would put my moon just within the 5 degree mark. Or is it possible to feel the 4th house more strongly even with a 5+ degree placement? Or does it really make a difference if it's a little under or over 5 degrees?

I've tried to make a rectification with solar arcs with the easiest way I could find thanks to a link on here (I don't remember where or by whom) to some youtube guide by a female astrologer, and I could come up with one event that I could use quite well for this, as we moved to a new home and city exactly 23 days before my 5th birthday. So using that method with the solar arcs where 1 degree corresponds with 1 year, this would put my moon just slightly under that 5 degree mark from the IC. However, to make really sure there seems to need to be more than just one event tested and unfortunately I couldn't find any other major events in my life that I could test, as I'm not married, don't have any children and only 2 older sisters. And we also moved to a new city when I was about 3 months old and I couldn't find any correlation with this in my chart, so I'm not sure how exact such a rectification is or can be. And if it really can be accurately judged and calculated down to the exactness of just a couple of weeks like in my case with the second home movement.

So, to make a long story short, is it possible to have a stronger 4th house identification even with a 5+ degree moon placement from the IC? Or does it require for this to have that moon placement definitely WITHIN that 5 degree mark, and thus would indicate my said to be exact birth time to be off by a couple of minutes? Is that 5 degree mark such a critical point that it can make a big difference whether it's a little below or over 5 degrees? However, some astrologers say if it's within 5 degrees it is to be interpreted even entirely in the next house, which in my case would not be 100% correct either, as there definitely are some 3rd house influences too. So that leaves me a little confused now in the end.

I also have to say though, that I'm not entirely able to distinguish between the forces and pulls of my 12th house sun and my IC-moon. Home, time for myself and withdrawal from the outer world has always been big for me in my life and these two forces probably mix together somewhat and it doesn't help having Cancer on the 12th house cusp in this case, too, I guess. But just alone from the big mother influence I'd say there must definitely be a strong 4th house influence involved, too, which brought me into these degree questions.

So any of the more experienced in this matter can help me out here with their opinions and experiences?

(Man... I just can't seem to able to cut it short these days....) Sorry about that.
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