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I was born in Eastern Europe but moved to Australia when I was barely a toddler and grew up there. Even though it'd been my home for almost three decades, I never felt truly content or happy. I was always coming from a place of lack and I never felt like it was my country. Even if no one had told me that I wasn't born there I bet that I would have still intuitively felt that I didn't belong in Australia. Funny thing is my whole family feels exactly the same way.

Now I'm living in the UK and I feel much better here. I can't say for sure it's my true home, and I have a feeling that I'm going to move again, when and where I don't know, but I feel I'm on the right path here and have totally changed my way of being thanks to key people I've met. I also, for the first time, have experienced what it's like to truly feel abundance, which means a lot to me given the s*** I've experienced. I truly believe that moving here may have literally saved my life, otherwise I know for a fact that I'd have ended up a very sad and defeated person had I stayed back there because I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Who knows, I might have even contemplated suicide. It was a fork in the road kind of time and I know I made the right choice for my growth.

I feel no ties to Australia, as cold as that sounds, but I feel something for my motherland even though I was uprooted with no memories of it. I don't know what it is in my chart vs Australia's, but looking at my relocation chart placed Mars on my ascendant and Venus on my MC. I didn't feel very Venus MCish, but I don't particularly like the look of Mars-ascendant. Saturn was also in the 11th House, and I did have extreme difficulties finding friends during my childhood and early teens.
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