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Re: How has the most negative planet in your chart manifested itself ?

I have a day chart, so supposedly Mars is the most malefic one for me. I have Mars at 920' Cancer, conjunct Mercury at 652' Cancer and Midheaven at 1035' Cancer. So Mars is in its fall, angular and in a fairly tight conjunction with Mercury at the very end of the 9th house. Sun is in Gemini 9th. Moon is in Virgo 12th. Descendant in Aries.

I'm not a very energetic or enterprising person, but otherwise I don't feel like my Mars is negatively expressed. In communication I'm persuasive and assertive. Regarding all Mercury-related matters I'm passionate and tireless. In higher education as well as in my career I've generally been lucky. I am asexual, completely lacking sexual attraction to other people, and thus I've never felt like having any sexual relationships (or romantic ones either for that matter). But that's just how I am, it's not something I suffer from or where I feel any sort of lack.
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