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Re: A theory about where you are born and your happiness in life.

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Very interesting, thank you for opening this thread.
I was actually born in the NY area, lived very unhappily there, never quite felt I fit in, the one thing that was always positive was work.
I now live in a different country whose sun falls on my ascendent, and my relocation chart has Jupiter on the ascendent. And I feel I belong here, from the first moment I set foot. Even though work has been more difficult here.
So, I agree completely with what you wrote, and find relocation charts a very valid and helpful tool towards finding a suitable location where the best of your chart can come to the surface.
Thanks for the Thank you ElanaJ.

Im from the UK. I went onto and played around with relocation charts. Im cap sun, libra rising leo north node. When i change it to New York or Canada it changed my rising to Leo my NN in 1st instead of 11th and my 3rd house stellium in sag changed to the 5th! The only thing is chiron was in the 10th house. Otherwise i was contemplating packing my bags and moving! lol no joke....i will take myself where i'm happy or happier
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