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Re: A Moon square Jupiter and Pluto

When you said "emotional excess" I always think of the word "impulse". And a biography I read about Lord Melbourne and his wife, Lady Caroline Lamb……..
Is it odd or normal that different astrologers read different symbolism into 'keywords'? An astrological biography?
I would think that 'emotion' expresses more and goes deeper than 'feelings' and depends upon which sign Moon is in. I'd agree that 'excess' would see a Jupiter influence.

When I read 'impulse', my mind turns to Aries and Mars' function as its ruler.
The chart shows a definite Moon in Aries, whatever birth time, possibly conjunct Jupiter. 'Reacting (Moon) impulsively (Aries) would seem to fit. If Moon sextiles Mars (stimulus) in Gemini, the impulses are stimulated by an active mental nature + Mars-Neptune-Pluto grand trine. Air sign influences?

Originally Posted by Lin View Post
Lady Caroline Lamb and marriage to William Lamb
Although I don't know here exact time of birth, the Uranus in the 5th fits both her bad luck with children and her doomed love affair with Lord Byron - which was a major scandal of the time, even at a time when it was pretty hard to actually shock anyone.
Moon opp. Neptune isn't recognised for 'stabilising' feelings.
There is a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Libra (romanticism) square Uranus, whatever the birth time.
Neptune's association seems to be explained exceptionally well in the link, including the infamous poet.

Would keywords such as shock (Uranus) and scandal (Neptune) have had much effect upon a Sun in Scorpio trine Uranus across the 5th/8th houses?

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