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Neptune in 3rd House...Chiron Transiting 8th... Thinking About Having Another Baby

Hi All,

I am thinking about having another baby soon, and have a couple of questions if possible.

My son has Neptune in the 3rd House which I read can be a bad placement for a second sibling. Perhaps the baby will have a learning disability or even pass away early? Neptune in his chart is both positive and negative sextiling his Sun and Venus, but also squaring Saturn and his Ascendent and Mars.

My husband and I both have a feeling a girl will be next, but either way want to both give him a sibling and badly want another baby, but I was wondering if this may be any sort of concern. I also read Neptune in the 3rd sometimes the second child can have an affliction that takes much of the parents' attention, and this would make me sad for my son to lose any attention, but I know life works out as it does.

My other concern is I currently have Chiron Transiting my 8th house and would worry if these meant it were possible for my child to pass away, or for me to even die giving birth? I've already experienced the transit big time with my Grandfather passing, and inheritance passed onto my older brother and not me, and many many things my husband and I need to take care of involving money.

I can't currently access a laptop for my son's Chart, but this should show it

Or if anyone could see anything based on that information. Thank you so much in advance.
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