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Re: Would you consider Pluto dominant in my chart?

Originally Posted by ravsuma View Post
Thank you so so much for your insight. Yes that's actually why I've been so curious about both my pluto and my Saturn placements. When most look at my chart they see my Leo placements, my Venus in Aries, 11th house, and assume it's all fun and warm! However I grew up alone with my mother who is a dysfunctional alcoholic so I had to control everything or everyone would know the secret. As a very small child I checked the bills were payed, I washed my clothes in the sink with shampoo, I never ate or was hungry, I falsified her signature for school notes so she wouldn't go to teacher meetings falling over drunk and I mostly stayed alone in my room until it was time to fix some damage. She now has alcoholic dementia. I haven't seen her in years when I was trying to get her help and she tried to tase me lol

I had a very dark existence for many many years. I do believe those positive/strong/masculine Leo Aries and Sun placements are what got me through it. As soon as I freed myself at 15 and started living on my own everyone started dying. I've buried 5 people, 3 of which I had to organize funerals for because my mother was too drunk to do anything. Which I believe to be my 8th house Saturn. I also have a very strong feeling she and my absent father will physically or metaphysically die during my Saturn return which is soon to come.

I do in fact sense danger, in people, situations, places. Those who know me have seen it confirmed so often they don't really question me anymore when I tell them no on something.

Thank you so much for validating my complicated aspects. It means a lot!
You're very welcome. dear ravsuma

My goodness - what a life story and what you have been through and survived. This is only possible with having a very strong intense plutonian energy available for you to save your life and get out stronger than before.

My deepest respect.
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